Sueños Fértiles, 2018 (Fertile Dreams) 

Pasadena, California
Dimensions: 40’X40’

Sueños Fértiles, 2018 (Fertile Dreams) looks at the journey thousands of people make across different border entries into the United States. In this installation, I’m interested in the transformation that happens to a body upon entering a new space, as well as the effect of this interaction on the space. This exhibition is the next evolutionary stage of my previous installation, Mi Ultimo Suspiro, 2017 (My Last Breath). In Sueños Fértiles, I reconnect the remains of the clothing and towels that soaked all the water from the previous installation by casting them with salt, forming crystallized bundles of memories.

Door/Loom: Construction wood, screws, nails, woven clothing from people that migrated from different parts of the world, fiber crochet chains, 100% American soil, 45% traveled 150 miles South West of Pasadena, 5% traveled 140 miles south of Pasadena, 45% traveled 5.1 miles west of Pasadena, and 5% traveled 2.5 miles east of Pasadena (The soil was transported in the home depot buckets), acquired clothes from the different border that connects the US and Mexico, laundry detergent and salt (Crystals were formed inside the home depot buckets), 100 % Latin American string, Home Depot rags and towels from Mi Ultimo Suspiro.

Dimensions variable