Current Work

Proclamación, 2020.

Proclamación is a performance/installation were seventeen people gather to eat with their fingers. Some of the dishes were familiar to some people but foreign for others.

More Work


Jackie Amézquita (b. 1985) is a Central American artist based in Los Angeles, California. Amézquita was born in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, and migrated to the United States in 2003. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from ArtCenter College of Design and an Associate degree in Visual Communications from Los Angeles Valley College. She is a Master of Fine Arts candidate in the New Genres program at the University of California, Los Angeles (2022).

Her practice has been influenced by her family history of diaspora and her experiences as an formerly undocumented immigrant. In her work Amézquita explores narratives of migration and how people navigate power structures.Amézquita often incorporates segments of her personal archives to intertwine historical and contemporary references.

Amezquita’s work makes use of performances, site specific activations, installations and uses organic materials such as masa, soil, salt, hydrated lime, and produce to explore a visual language that explores modes of adaptation, and integration in the aftermath of migration.

In her practice Amézquita uses growth and decay to inspire forms of non-verbal communications that speak of the cycles of life transformations and temporality. Amézquita is interested in how living organism and other entities integrate and create other environments. These ecosystems underline coexistence among diverse beings, reminding us the life cycle and the after life.


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2019 Spring Teeth Magazine Gen Z Artist and Border Crossing 

2018 The Other Art Fair by Saatchi in conversation with Tanya Agüiñiga AMBOS Project.

2018 AMBOS presentation at Museum Of Art and Design in Manhattan, New York. 

2018 Walker ArtCenter, What Can Art Do that Journalism Can’t? Sound Board by Paul Schmelzer.

2018 Huellas que Germinan, article  by Los Angeles Magazine by Andrea Alonzo.

2018 Huellas que Germinan, article by Good Magazine by Liz Ohanesian.

2018 Huellas que Germinan, article by Pasadena Now News.