Cuerpes Cosmicos, 2021 (Cosmic Bodies)

Nakbe, El Mirador, Petén Guatemala Photos by Rony Rodriguez

It’s an activation in Nakbe, approximately 13 kilometers south of El Mirador in Guatemala. Nakbe is one of the oldest cities in the region currently occupied by Petén Itzá. Archaeological excavations in the area suggest that the city is from the formative period or pre-classic 1400 BC. It’s believed that the city collapsed in 100-200 AD. Amézquita thinks of soil as an archive that holds the memory of the past. During this activation, the environment witnessed the integration between human and nonhuman entities. The actions of Amézquitas’s body in space serve as a conduit of reconnection between the past, the present, and the future. The feathers on her head were found during the journey, acknowledging the animal entities that inhabit the place.