Beyond the Limits of Confinement


It’s a time-based installation piece made out of fifty-one copper plates. A single plate measures 12″L x 12 W”. Each plate confines a diversity of local and imported produce from Central and South America. These apparatus were assembled on the floor, forming tree circles of seventeen plates each. The crop was contained in a 6 “x 7″ x 3” transparent plastic box. These systems were connected by a fine plastic tube that measured approximately 6″ to 7″ in length by 1/4″ wide.

The plates register the transformation of the produce over a period of four, six, and nine months. The copper plates capture its multifaceted dynamics. The interactions between the decaying process of the produce and the copper are existential gestures declaring survival, integrating into other environments.

First Cycle

Second Cycle

Third Cycle